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Film Trivia Friday: Notting Hill Alternative Ending

Today’s film trivia comes from that classic rom-com we all love, Notting Hill: [ba-quote]As he explains in the published screenplay, in Richard Curtis’s original conception of the story, Honey (Emma Chambers) was a worker in the record store across from his bookshop and Anna’s romantic rival for his affections. The film would have ended with…

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The curse of the Blu-ray player

For years I have wanted a blu-ray player and I was lucky enough to get one for my 22nd birthday. Since then, however, I have been put under the Curse of the Blu-ray player, which manifests itself in an inability to purchase DVDs. Don’t get my wrong – I’m well aware that one of the…

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12 Things I’m going to do in 2012

I’m not the best when it comes to new year’s resolutions. But there’s something about 2012 that I’ve always thought as special, so I’m very excited for this year. Either that or I’ve seen the apocalyptic drama 2012 too many times… So rather than creating a list of doomed-to-fail resolutions, I’ev made a checklist of…

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