Me, Myself and Irene: How did I miss this?

Seriously! How? How did such a funny, original and brilliant comedy just slip past me?! Thank god for Boyfriend. He’s been educating me on al the classics I’ve been missing. First it was There’s Something About Mary, which I adored. Now it’s Me, Myself and Irene, which is pure, Jim Carrey genius. And next on the list is Dumb and Dumber – another Jim Carrey film I haven’t seen.

Oh and he introduced me to Cable Guy, which I’d never seen. Another genius film.

Honestly it’s incredible how these films just passed me by. I’m starting to get paranoid, thinking I’m missing out on some classics. So I did a little digging around Jim Carrey’s films and came across Liar Liar, which Boyfriend hadn’t suggested. He says it’s not good, but I’ve seen a trailer and I’m keen to give it a go.

As for Me, Myself and Irene – the cottonmouth scene has to be my absolute favourite. I was actually crying laughing watching that. Pure. Genius.