Bling Ring – Another Sofia Coppola hit

I loved this film. I knew I would – it was one of those films that hooks you in fro the first trailer and you just know, deep down, that it’s going to be brilliant!

The fact that I have a teeny girl crush on Emma Watson may have influenced it slightly… but only slightly.

Before watching this film I had very little knowledge of the Hollywood Hills Burglaries but I now find the hole thing fascinating. For those of you who don’t know, the burglaries started when two teenagers in LA decided to try and break into Paris Hilton’s house. And by break in I don’t mean cloak-and-dagger, stealthy unwiring the burglar alarm type of breaking in. I mean the “Oh look – Paris has left her key under the mat” kind of breaking in.

But as they got more confident, they started including their friends and extending their reach to other celebs’ homes – Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan… and they started out taking only a few things but then built up, taking more and more stuff. It was said in the film that Paris Hilton had so much stuff in her house that the Bling Ring broke in and stole stuff eight times before she even realised anything was missing.

But back to the film itself. The glitz and the glamour of Hollywood, the brands and designer products flying around and their devil-may-care attitudes were all intoxicating. You knew they were going to get caught but there was a part of me that was spurring them on. Plus, I am slowly but surely becoming quite a fan of Miss Coppola. Boyfriend (in his never ending education of me) introduced me to Lost in Translation, which I loved. And this, as I said at the start, was no different. Top film.