Xbox One vs Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror

I’ve been reading up on Microsoft’s new Xbox – the Xbox One – and a story that came out this week is a tad alarming. According to a new patent application, the console will track what users watch on TV, but also reward them for watching adverts.

Did anyone else watch Black Mirror a couple of years ago? I’m pretty sure this was the point Charlie Brooker was trying to make with the second episode ‘Fifteen million merits’.

Digital credits or physical rewards could be awarded for watching adverts or TV series, and the patent suggests that eye tracking and even heart-rate monitors could even be used to provide viewers with further rewards. So basically tell us exactly what you like, don’t like, eat, how you sit, stand, run and look at the xbox and we’ll reward you with some imaginary points.

Don’t get me wrong – I can so see me getting sucked into this…