Behind the Candelabra – surprisingly entertaining

When Boyfriend suggested that he and I should go to see Behind the Candelabra this weekend, I was skeptical. I’d seen trailers, which looked okay, and I’m a big fan or Mr Matt Damon. But this isn’t the usual type of film that I go out to see. And certainly not at the cinema. But the choice this week was either that or queuing up to see Will Smith’s After Earth – which despite receiving extremely mixed reviews I still want to see.

Overall the film was extremely entertaining. Before watching it I know nothing of Liberace. Boyfriend had done some reading on it beforehand but I wanted to go into it completely unaware and I think it paid off.

Both Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were awesome in their respective roles. Douglas has the right blend of extravagant, camp and creepy. Damon was also great – but I’ll be honest I haven’t seen him in anything and not liked it!

One interesting surprise was how funny the film was. This, I was not expecting. There’s a scene in particular where Liberace is getting advice about a facelift from a cosmetic surgeon, whose own face is so stretched and tight you can’t tell if he smiling or grimacing, which sounds awful but it was actually brilliantly shot.

The soundtrack was pretty good too, although nothing to write home about.

Overall I was vastly more entertained than I thought I would be.