Catching up on my hangovers

So Boyfriend and I have decided to see Hangover Three at the cinema this weekend, predominantly because since we’ve been going to the cinema every week it’s the only thing on that looks good and we haven’t already seen.

However I have a tendency to flip out if I’m expected to watch a film series out of order. I’m not crazy or anything. I’m just convinced I’m going to miss out on some joke or plot line. I saw Hangover 1 the year it came out (and several times since then) and thought it was ace, but I am yet to see Hangover 2. Until now.

My excellent friend N was kind enough to inform me that Hangover Two was on Sky Anytime – genius! So Boyfriend and I will be settling down to a pretty hungover weekend: Hangover 2 on Friday night and Hangover 3 on Saturday night – rock and roll, bitches.