Wishlist for 2013

Eight days into the new year and I think it’s about time I formalised some of my plans for the twelve coming months.

Looking back at my ’12 thing to do in 2012′ post from last January, I’m surprised to say I have actually achieved quite a lot of it. Some, sadly will be added to this year’s list… For example it’s obviously an impossible task to replace a passport in under thirteen months…

So out of last year’s list I have been to scotland, been somewhere I’ve never been before (Bexhill), taken up a new sport (Badminton), learnt something new (HTML5), written an abstract for my novel and re-designed my site. However I didn’t lose 32 pounds, go abroad, get my passport sorted, make something creative, watch all my films or finish my Shakespeare Collection. Which essentially means I scored 50% for 2012.

So here’s my list for this year. Let’s hope I do a little better in 2013…

  • Get my passport sorted

Bit of a hangover from last year but it is ridiculous that my passport was stolen back in 2011 and I still haven’t got it sorted. So this is going to be one of the first things I do this year so that I can…

  • Go on a proper holiday

I haven’t been on a proper summer holiday since 2009. I went to Champneys Spa for a week one summer about two or three years ago, but it’s not the same. I want sun and culture and somewhere beautiful. I want to be somewhere that I’ve flown to. I don’t even mind where I go. In fact it doesn’t even have to be sunny. Or cultural.

  • Get my own flat

This is a must-have. If I only achieve one thing this year, it has to be this. I may even be willing to forgo the passport if it meant having my own flat. Mum and Dad (currently known as Landlords One and Two) are thinking of selling the building I’m living in (also known as Our Home). Which means I really need to make somewhere else my home. Or else move into what will probably bee a very small attic space in a cottage in Rutland…

  • Pass my OU Shakespeare module

I am so, so close to finishing my degree it’s unreal. I’m currently working on A150, which has an exam in April. My AA306 Shakespeare course starts in February and ends in October. Then I’m on my last course. That’s right. My last course. Even though the Shakespeare module is actually my penultimate course, I kind of see it as the final hurdle because my actual last course is Advanced Creative Writing. Which I adore and has no exam.

  • Learn to cook. Properly.

Pretty self explanatory.

  • Get into a size twelve dress

This is quite a big deal for me. If this resolution had a name it would be Ron Burgundy. It would own many leather-bound books and it’s apartment would smell of rich mahogany. Towards the end of 2011 I was a size 20. Horrendous, I know. I lost a lot of weight and managed to get down to size 14. I’m now in that awkward halfway place between 14 and 16 and I’d love to manage to get past that 14 mark and get to size 12. Not going to lie – I don’t think I’ve ever been a size 12. I’m fairly sure I went straight from kids clothes to size 14. So the idea of me going to a party or something this year is a size 12 dress is huge . And I’m determined to do it.